RBN and it's spin-offs

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at dessus.com
Wed Dec 30 16:30:13 CST 2009

> Reportedly started by someone operating under the name "Flyman," RBN is
> known as the mother of cybercrime among online investigators. François
> Paget, senior expert for the McAfee company, says that RBN began as an
> Internet provider and offered "impenetrable" hosting for $600 a month. 
> This meant a guarantee that it would not give out information about 
> its clients, no matter what business they were in. 

This is a commendable position and one that should be the default for all businesses.  Severe penalties (such as cutting out of the tongue or cutting off hands) should be dealt to anyone who releases private information without having first ensured that such disclosure is in accordance with a properly obtained court order issued by a competent court in a public hearing (and no, administrative tribunals are not courts of law).

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