IPv6 Training

Jim Burwell jimb at jsbc.cc
Wed Dec 23 17:16:50 CST 2009

On 12/23/2009 13:03, Mike Leber wrote:
> Marty Anstey wrote:
>> Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with IPv6 training
>> courses.
>> A quick search turns up a few results on the subject, but it would be
>> handy to hear if anyone has any firsthand experiences or
>> recommendations.
>> We're based in western Canada but don't mind traveling a bit, but
>> alternatively an online course would be acceptable as well.
> Once you have IPv6 connectivity established (either native IPv6 or via
> a tunnel from anybody (for example tunnelbroker.net or sixxs.net) if
> you want a self teaching procedural guide where you can setup and test
> various IPv6 services (HTTP, SMTP, reverse DNS, forward DNS, host
> record glue) then you might checkout our free IPv6 certification
> service at:
> http://ipv6.he.net/certification
> It's a bit tongue in cheek and meant to be sort of like entertainment
> with education for engineers (for example the certification ranks are
> from "Newb" to "Sage").  By the time you are done you are done IPv6
> won't seem weird.  (In fact, you'll probably be thinking "that's it?!")
Tongue in cheek?  You mean I'm not *really* a Sage?  :p :p

The tunnelbroker.net forum is also a good source of info/discussion
about IPv6.  It'd be nice if it was a bit more "active" though.

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