IPv6 Training

Mike Leber mleber at he.net
Wed Dec 23 15:03:40 CST 2009

Marty Anstey wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with IPv6 training courses.
> A quick search turns up a few results on the subject, but it would be
> handy to hear if anyone has any firsthand experiences or recommendations.
> We're based in western Canada but don't mind traveling a bit, but
> alternatively an online course would be acceptable as well.

Once you have IPv6 connectivity established (either native IPv6 or via a 
tunnel from anybody (for example tunnelbroker.net or sixxs.net) if you 
want a self teaching procedural guide where you can setup and test 
various IPv6 services (HTTP, SMTP, reverse DNS, forward DNS, host record 
glue) then you might checkout our free IPv6 certification service at:


It's a bit tongue in cheek and meant to be sort of like entertainment 
with education for engineers (for example the certification ranks are 
from "Newb" to "Sage").  By the time you are done you are done IPv6 
won't seem weird.  (In fact, you'll probably be thinking "that's it?!")

We are still adding tests and content as people suggest ideas, so if you
run through it and see a gap you'd like covered, let me know.

Alternatively, if you would like a free IPv6 Speaker/Trainer your group 
of 30 or more people, Hurricane Electric will fly IPv6 Evangelist Owen 
Delong to your meeting to present a tutorial on what you need to do to 
support IPv6 (for system administrators and network engineers), porting 
IPv4 programs to IPv6 (for software engineers), or another IPv6 topic 
you suggest.  If you are interested, email ipv6 at he.net


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