Arrogant RBL list maintainers

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at
Thu Dec 10 10:33:36 CST 2009

> I'm a bit confused by what it
> means to have an "internal" static public IP

"internal" means behind the firewall (which everything is,
transparently). We don't NAT because we don't have to .. the 1918 space
is used for stuff we don't want to be routable (like thermostats).

> that they have the option of making their chosen internal name also
> visible via external DNS lookups, with all IPs being public just not
> all visible via custom names to the outside?

Correct. When you request a DNS entry, there's a little box on the
webform that says "external?" .. and if you check it, the same entry
gets put in the outward-facing DNS (both A and PTR). Otherwise it stays
the default, regardless of what it is on the inside.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State Unviersity

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