FTTH Active vs Passive

Fletcher Kittredge fkittred at staff.gwi.net
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Thanks for the pointers, Mikael.  unfortunately, my Swedish is not much
better than my Japanese...  But it is a good start and I am sure I will find
some sort of English description somewhere.

I should have been a bit more explicit in my question:   I am not concerned
on the routing of the last mile, sewer, trenching, etc.   That is a solved
problem for these projects.   The big questions for me is PON vs active and,
if PON, what are the details:   prisms in the CO vs prisms in the field,
which xPON to use, etc.   How is splicing and interconnection done, etc.


On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike at swm.pp.se> wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Dec 2009, Fletcher Kittredge wrote:
>  Pricing aside, do you feel the Japanese have a good architecture for the
>> last mile?  Would it adapt well from an environment that is mostly
>> multi-dwelling units (MDU) to one which is mostly single-dwelling units? Any
>> thoughts on good places to start for an english language speaker to learn
>> about the Japanese broadband experience?
> You might look into what's being done in Sweden then, here there are
> municipality networks who dig up the streets and does fiber to the
> individual house in "suburbia" (you have to trench your own land though, 4dm
> deep, 1-2dm wide, they only dig in the street put down the pipe in your
> trench).
> Common cost for the house owner to get this done is in the 2-4kUSD range
> per house, then you can choose between multiple ISPs to purchase your bw
> from. 100/100 (symmetric speed) seems to cost 40 USD per month, 10/10 is
> 5-10 USD/month cheaper.
> I've been trying to run the text thru google translate, but the web magic
> seems to prohibit this from working.
> If someone can figure it out better than me, the URL is here (in swedish):
> <http://www.sollentunaenergi.se/bredband/ansl_villor.asp>
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