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On Wed, 2 Dec 2009, Fletcher Kittredge wrote:

> Thanks for the pointers, Mikael.  unfortunately, my Swedish is not much
> better than my Japanese...  But it is a good start and I am sure I will find
> some sort of English description somewhere.

Here is a cut/paste of the thing run thru google translate. I believe 
you'll get the meaning.

This actually works, people do pay this amount of money to get connected. 
I believe they would in the US too, given the chance.


Connection villas

Can I connect my house?
For an answer ang your villa, please complete and submit an Expression of 
It then goes into an order, provided that the fiber tableware can be 

Here's how it works!
During the period tjälfria is our excavation works in roads and public 
land for the siting of the optical fiber. Today we have a well-developed 
fiber network allowing for the vast majority living in Sollentuna to 
quickly connect their property, and thus have access to a wide range of 

We will contact you
Once you have ordered the connection of broadband we will contact you to 
show where you are digging at the site, from our access point in the 
street to your house.

Excavation of land
>From a designated point at land border, undermining you to the agreed 
point at the house's outer wall. Shafts shall be 4 dm deep and 1-2 dm wide 
along the entire route, and ends with a hole in the foundation.

The shaft adds a conduit, as optical fiber to serve in. tube free download 
at our stores at Knistad farm road 12, Monday-Thursday at 07.30-10.45 and 
Note: Digging shafts before conduit retrieved, so you know exactly the 
number of meter tubes you need.
Do you want help with digging at the site and the siting of the pipes, you 
can contact our land contractor for cost data: Ponds Mountain Construction 
AB, tel. 08-92 02 40th

Before you dig
If you are going to dig into the ground, you must make sure that you do 
not dig any cables or pipes for electricity, broadband and heating. We 
will send you a fitter who find out where the pipes are. That way you can 
avoid digging of a pipe by mistake. Release are made on weekdays between 
08.00 - 15.30 and must be notified at least three days in advance. Cabling 
is free. Remember that you may be held liable if you have not asked for 
cabling and undermining of any cables or pipes for electricity, broadband 
or remote heat! Backhoe course and put tubes in good time before we come 
to your area.

Connecting in the house
At the outlet in the house Drill a 12mm hole in the wall / foundation. The 
hole is drilled obliquely downward (about 45 degrees) from the inside out. 
This angle is important for optical fiber bend radius should not be too 
sharp. Need help with piercing, notify our supervisor when he visits you 
to discuss the excavation work.

Connection of optical fiber
When the plumbing and piercing are done, please let us know. We then pull 
up the fiber, and our engineers put a note in your mailbox to make an 
appointment for a connection. Inside the wall mounted switch to which you 
connect. This is also our transfer point for all services. Switch must be 
plugged into an electrical outlet nearby.

Inside the house
>From the switch ensures you install the network cable to the rooms PC or 
TV to be connected in. You must use the cable type of Category 5 
unshielded twisted pair network cable with 4 pairs of conductors and RJ45 
connectors, EIA / TIA 568B.

Ready for delivery
Now you can order any of the services offered in Sollentuna Energi's 
broadband network. You can choose from several different ISPs, some of 
which also offer VoIP. When your supplier has informed us about your 
order, switched services normally within 10 working days. Information on 
service providers and prices can be found under the Internet link.


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