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Tue Aug 25 09:35:43 CDT 2009

On Aug 25, 2009, at 8:40 AM, trainier at wrote:

> I need a SORBS maintainer to contact me.

I don't think they watch here; at least I've never seen Michelle post  
here. Try dnsbl-users, the SORBS mailling list. From the google cache  
of the Mailling Lists page --

"This list is an open list where the SORBS DNSbl may be discussed. If  
it is about the SORBS DNSbl it is on topic (including questions on how  
to configure mailers to use SORBS). Currently this list is quiet, un- 
moderated, and anyone is free to join. Non-members of the list are not  
permitted to send mail to the list.

For people who don't know the meaning of "confirmed opt-in" ("double  
opt-in" as most spammers call it), subscribe to this list and you will  
see how it works.

Subscription is performed by sending a message to: majordomo at 
  with a message body of:
subscribe dnsbl-users

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