OSPF vs IS-IS vs PrivateAS eBGP

Gary T. Giesen giesen at snickers.org
Thu Aug 20 15:34:41 CDT 2009

FWIW, we use BGP to our multihomed customers (even when we manage the
CPE), using a private AS. OSPF doesn't have the right toolset to
provide protection for inter-network route propogation, and the risk
of some customer's CPE screwing up you routing is just too high to go
naked. A basic CPE BGP config is not too difficult to template, and
you don't necessarily have to use prefix filters on it (although you
definitely need them on YOUR) side. And once you've got it deployed,
you'll find the knobs you can turn to do things like TE (ie. data down
one pipe, voice down the other, and failover for both) will have both
you and your customers loving it. (What? I can actually use that spare
circuit that normally does nothing?!?).


On 8/20/09, Ivan Pepelnjak <ip at ioshints.info> wrote:
>> The only issue with using ebgp is getting enough of my
>> staff that actually understand bgp  to the point where they
>> can deploy it themselves without having to get me involved on
>> every install. I think I can make this pretty cookie-cutter
>> config to start off and then work from there.
> For those of them that prefer eye candy to real study :), I've made a few
> video clips when the weather was really bad last winter and I couldn't go
> rock climbing ...
> http://wiki.nil.com/BGP (the "Videos" section")
> They are targeted at using BGP in MPLS VPN networks, but are useful in other
> similar scenarios as well.
>> So my deployment strategy will be ebgp with
>> multihmed customers. I just had to poke the fire so I had
>> some ammo for upper management when they ask why I decide to go ebgp.
> Ah, that was the reason ... You could have told us in advance and my
> previous reply would have been even more explicit :))
> Good luck!
> Ivan
> http://www.ioshints.info/about
> http://blog.ioshints.info/

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