OSPF vs IS-IS vs PrivateAS eBGP

Ivan Pepelnjak ip at ioshints.info
Thu Aug 20 14:30:07 CDT 2009

> The only issue with using ebgp is getting enough of my 
> staff that actually understand bgp  to the point where they 
> can deploy it themselves without having to get me involved on 
> every install. I think I can make this pretty cookie-cutter 
> config to start off and then work from there.

For those of them that prefer eye candy to real study :), I've made a few
video clips when the weather was really bad last winter and I couldn't go
rock climbing ...

http://wiki.nil.com/BGP (the "Videos" section")

They are targeted at using BGP in MPLS VPN networks, but are useful in other
similar scenarios as well.

> So my deployment strategy will be ebgp with 
> multihmed customers. I just had to poke the fire so I had 
> some ammo for upper management when they ask why I decide to go ebgp.

Ah, that was the reason ... You could have told us in advance and my
previous reply would have been even more explicit :))

Good luck!

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