IPv6-capable hardware?

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Wed Apr 22 00:09:06 CDT 2009

Anyone found a decent PE/DSLAM configuration for supporting IPv6 in a 
bridged architecture (No PPP)? So far, the best I've found is DSLAMs 
that don't have mandated "security" features and support q-in-q for mass 
tagging back to concentrators, but the only concentrator I've found to 
handle a variety of VLAN & ATM terminations with IPv6 support is Cisco, 
and it's still extremely limited.

Granted, my exposure is limited due to the current IPv4 layouts and 
existing hardware. Pointers would be appreciated.


Crooks, Sam wrote:
>  - insist on IPv6-capable hardware/services/engineering staff when
> getting new hardware/services/staff

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