Important New Requirement for IPv4 Requests

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Tue Apr 21 15:58:09 CDT 2009

From: Frank Bulk - [mailto:frnkblk at] 
> It appears that ARIN wants to raise the IP addressing space 
> issue to the CxO level -- if it was interested in honesty,
> ARIN would have required a notarized statement by the person
> submitting the request.  If ARIN really wants to get the
> interest of CEOs, raise the price!

Raising the price won't help; there's already a huge amount
of wasted address space by web hosts selling IP addresses
to customers who need them solely for 'seo purposes' rather
than allocating them in return for a reasonable technical
justification.  If ARIN raises the prices, it will hurt 
hosts who allocate their space in a responsible manner and
those who don't will just charge more for the right to have
one of these seo-friendly exclusive IP's that webmasters so
righteously believe will make their sites #1 on google.  
We regularly lose business thanks to something that goes a
little like this: "Can I get a block of 100 IP's for no 
particular reason?", no, "My old host let me, I just had
to pay $100/month for it."

One of Google's seo spam team members actually blogged on
this topic after a nanog post I made about this a few years
back, and I still send it to people asking for IP's for seo
reasons and even then they don't believe me.  If ARIN would
enforce a technically justified use of IPv4 space that does
not recognize "seo" as a valid reason, that would definitely
help, otherwise web hosts will keep selling IP space to
their customers at prices that let them keep buying more.
And since the policy allows it currently, the CEO signing off
on it will also be valid.


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