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The new NANOG SC held its first meeting on Tuesday evening of 
NANOG44.  One of the first action items for the SC (as per 6.1 
in the Charter) is to appoint a new chair to serve for a one 
year term.  After holding a vote, I would like to report that 
I have been accorded the privilege of being chair of the NANOG 
SC for the next year.

As incoming chair, and on behalf of the new SC, I'd like to 
thank Philip Smith for his exceptional leadership in the last 
year as outgoing SC Chair, as well as thank him for his service 
to the community as member of the SC for many years.

I would also like to extend the SC's significant thanks to Randy 
Bush for his long history of valuable contribution to NANOG and 
the SC during his term of service on the SC.  Both he and Philip 
have put in enormous time and energy to help NANOG be what it 
is today.  They leave large shoes to fill.

The new Steering Committee is as follows:
    Betty Burke (Merit Appointee)
    Steve Feldman
    Patrick Gilmore
    Jared Mauch
    Chris Morrow
    Joe Provo
    Rob Seastrom
with the MLC Chair (Kris Foster) and the PC Chair (TBA) serving as
non-voting members.
Joe Provo
(for the SC)

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