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In its last scheduled meeting, the NANOG Steering Committee selected 
a new Programme Committee.
With seventeen very well-qualified candidates and eight open positions, 
it was a difficult decision to make. The SC, with input from the current 
PC and the community, felt it necessary to form a balanced PC, with a 
diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, and experience, and one that is 
representative of the entire NANOG constituency.   

The SC would like to thank outgoing the PC member Keith Mitchell for his
valuable contributions while serving on the PC. Additionally, the SC is 
grateful to the eight candidates who volunteered their time but who 
weren't selected. We hope they will all consider volunteering again next 

The NANOG Programme Committee for 2008/2009 is as follows:
Existing members:
 Larry Blunk (Merit appointee)
 Joel Jaeggli 
 Rodney Joffe
 Sylvie LaPerriere
 Kevin Oberman
 Lane Patterson
 Ren Provo
 Josh Snowhorn
 Todd Underwood

New (and returning) members:
 Nina Bargisen
 Tom Daly
 Brian Deardorff
 Igor Gashinsky
 Mike Hughes      
 David Meyer
 Tom Scholl
 Richard Steenbergen
Joe Provo
SC Chair

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