Network topology [Solved]

Colin Alston karnaugh at
Wed Oct 15 19:04:30 UTC 2008

On 2008/10/15 08:49 PM Larry Sheldon wrote:
> Colin Alston wrote:
>> Maybe there should be something (I mean like, someone should come up 
>> with a standard :P) to trace switches in a path... Problem is I think 
>> even then the simple devices won't bother to support it.
> I have been away from it for ma while and in truth don't know the 
> answer--but--
> To the best of my knowledge, "Layer two Switches" in fact operate as 
> multi-port bridges.
> If that is true, then they ought to be transmitting BDUs which should be 
> detectable and used for mapping.

Ahh, you are correct sir (as well as the off list responses :))

Found this rather quickly
as well as

Not sure why I didn't Google "layer 2 traceroute" before... Oh well, 
live and learn, and work shorter hours.

Thanks :)

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