Network topology [Solved]

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If the switches are Cisco, then Cisco Works has a L2 STP forwarding path
graphical display which can be used in cases where the L3 path is a
logical abstraction overlaid on the underlying L2 topology.

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Colin Alston wrote:

> Maybe there should be something (I mean like, someone should come up 
> with a standard :P) to trace switches in a path... Problem is I think 
> even then the simple devices won't bother to support it.

I have been away from it for ma while and in truth don't know the 

To the best of my knowledge, "Layer two Switches" in fact operate as 
multi-port bridges.

If that is true, then they ought to be transmitting BDUs which should be

detectable and used for mapping.

If the switches are all from the same manufacturer, there is a chance 
that the manufacture has a proprietary mapping tool.
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