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Fri Oct 10 16:46:24 UTC 2008

    The question would be do you want a self contained appliance or a
piece of software?  I have used Advent Network's Net Flow Analyzer.
There are others out there but I've had some decent amount of luck with
these guys and they have an "Enterprise" license that will many, many
(thousands?) interfaces.
     For the traffic load and the number of flows/second I'm guessing
you'll need a really high end Linux box with lots and lots of disk
     There are open source netflow collectors too you could deal with if
cost is an issue or you have the talent on staff to maintain it.


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Hi all, I have a customer who has a MPLS network for E/// Media Gateway
(MGW) NB-AMR VoIP traffic. The packet size for the NB-AMR traffic is
fixed size 110 bytes. During the high load period, it can reaches
450Kpps on a STM-1 link. The router platform is Cisco 12000 series, can
the router generate 100% netflow data with such traffic load? Also can
someone suggest a carrier class netflow collector for mobile service
provider environment.

Thanks in advance.

Steven Lee

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