ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Sun Jun 29 21:55:53 UTC 2008

> You do have a choice if you're not concerned about the deliverability of
> your e-mail.  Remember, the Internet remains a group of service
> providers/organizations/subscribers that voluntarily work together and can
> choose what goes in or out.  And so if they decide not to receive traffic
> from you, for any reason at all, there's no legal requirement.  If they
> require that all e-mail servers that want to send e-mail to them have rDNS
> entries then persons who want to deliver e-mail to that entity need to
> comply.
> Frank
	So can I change my SMTP greeting to be :

220-host.example.com SMTP
220-Company agrees to the following rate chart to accept mail :
220-EHLO - $5.00 
220-HELO - $2.50
220-MAIL FROM:<*> - Free
220-RCPT TO:<*> - 1-5/$4.00 , 6-10/$6.00, 11-15/$8.00, 15+/$10.00
220-DATA: $.01 per character until final ".<CR>"
220-Delivery confirmation (Return-Receipt-To, X-Confirm-Reading-To, Disposition-Notification-To) - $1.50
220 Sending HELO/EHLO constitutes acceptance of this agreement

			Thanks, Tuc/TBOH

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