EC2 and GAE means end of ip address reputation industry? (Re: Intrustion attempts from Amazon EC2 IPs)

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at
Mon Jun 23 02:19:36 UTC 2008

On Jun 22, 2008, at 11:17 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:

>  so, i'm not whining, just pointing out that this is a sea change,  
> the end of an era.

And it's even more significant in that large enterprise customers and  
others will have explicitly *whitelisted* the IP blocks associated  
with these services.  While static IPs are available for EC2 and for  
the other services, as you point out, it can't last in an IPv4 world.   
Later on, as the technologies mature and standards emerge, we'll see  
automagic arbitraging of jobs/loads/tasks between clouds, so things  
will be even more diffuse in terms of pinpointing the actual sources  
of undesirable traffic or other antisocial behavior (e.g., a spam  
engine may be resident in one cloud and making use of network  
resources/proxies in another cloud, that kind of thing; 'botnets in  
the sky', as it were).

This is far different from free email Google or Hotmail - these cloud  
services (EC2, Mosso, Slicehost, Terremark's Enterprise Cloud,  
Telstra's new service, AppEngine, are where many popular new  
Internet applications will live, and, even more significantly, where  
an increasing amount large-scale enterprise computing (like banking,  
pharma, government, and so forth) will take place.

I foresee interesting times ahead.

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