big DC -48V to AC inverters

Andreas Ott andreas at
Wed Jul 30 23:54:48 UTC 2008


we are looking into providing power for 'legacy' equipment in a data
center that is exclusively giving us -48V DC power. The most recent
thread on this list was about -48V DC modems but in our case I am rather
looking into inverting on the order of 4 kW per rack from the supplied DC
into AC equipment. And yes, that's not the most efficient use of power,
we know it already ;-) .

Does anyone operate devices like this that are capable of 2...4 kW
power conversion and do you have recommendations, good or bad experience
to share?

Please reply direct to me and indicate if it's OK to use your answer in
a summary e-mail back to the list.

Thanks, andreas
Andreas Ott      K6OTT               andreas at

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