big DC -48V to AC inverters

Tim Jackson jackson.tim at
Thu Jul 31 00:35:55 UTC 2008

Unipower out of florida.. They can provide scalable inverters for 120
and 208/240. Modular N+1 setups and very flexible..

We have a large 200amp 120vac setup from them. I'd recommend letting
your electrician build a parallel setup instead of relying on their
modules, however...

On 7/30/08, Andreas Ott <andreas at> wrote:
> Hello,
> we are looking into providing power for 'legacy' equipment in a data
> center that is exclusively giving us -48V DC power. The most recent
> thread on this list was about -48V DC modems but in our case I am rather
> looking into inverting on the order of 4 kW per rack from the supplied DC
> into AC equipment. And yes, that's not the most efficient use of power,
> we know it already ;-) .
> Does anyone operate devices like this that are capable of 2...4 kW
> power conversion and do you have recommendations, good or bad experience
> to share?
> Please reply direct to me and indicate if it's OK to use your answer in
> a summary e-mail back to the list.
> Thanks, andreas
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> Andreas Ott      K6OTT               andreas at

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