Line rate gigabit router/switch options

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Hi Matthew,

The Juniper J6350 boxes are both cost effective and are claimed to do line 2Gbit/s of IMIX traffic I think.

We've several deployed between multitple DCs in Dublin and a load of J4350 at different layers. Stick 2GB of ram into each one and they'll go a long way.


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> Subject: Line rate gigabit router/switch options
> We have a pair of cisco 7204VXR routers connecting to STFI
> receiving market data. At peak periods micro-bursts of
> unicast and multicast data overrun the Ethernet fifo buffer
> due to the 7200 being a cpu based router. A 7600 router would
> be a good replacement but it isn't cost effective. We need
> BGP, rip, pim multicast and netflow. Since the connections
> are all metro Ethernet, Cisco has suggested looking at the
> 3750 switch platform that does BGP since all of the packets
> are hardware switched, but it doesn't due L3 netflow. I've
> been doing cisco for too long and was wondering what the cost
> effective options are with other vendors or even other
> possible cisco solutions.
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