Line rate gigabit router/switch options

Matthew Huff mhuff at
Thu Jul 17 19:21:19 UTC 2008

We have a pair of cisco 7204VXR routers connecting to STFI receiving market data. At peak periods micro-bursts of unicast and multicast data overrun the Ethernet fifo buffer due to the 7200 being a cpu based router. A 7600 router would be a good replacement but it isn't cost effective. We need BGP, rip, pim multicast and netflow. Since the connections are all metro Ethernet, Cisco has suggested looking at the 3750 switch platform that does BGP since all of the packets are hardware switched, but it doesn't due L3 netflow. I've been doing cisco for too long and was wondering what the cost effective options are with other vendors or even other possible cisco solutions.

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