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Sat Dec 20 03:19:15 UTC 2008

Brandon Galbraith wrote:
> I wasn't aware of imagestream using any custom (asic) hardware, except
> the T1/3 cards in the concentrator we bought from them (worked like a
> champ, btw).

It doesn't have to be hardware. Even their custom developed drivers and
software isn't available on anything but their platform.

But true, their products show, what can be done even without custom
hardware. It's a matter of optimizing the drivers and a careful
selection of hardware.

All I was referring to, is that if you take a Linux box, Quagga, stock
hardware, you might not get quite the same results. And don't get me
wrong, we use Quagga and are quite happy with it.

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

> -brandon
> On 12/19/08, Martin List-Petersen <martin at> wrote:
>> Henry Yen wrote:
>>> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 18:32:40PM -0700, Michael Loftis wrote:
>>>> --On December 18, 2008 4:02:14 PM -0800 Bruce Robertson
>>>> <bruce at> wrote:
>>>>> Imagestream does nice work as well.
>>>> I'll second the plug for imagestream as well.
>>>>> Soucy, Ray wrote:
>>>>>> If all you're looking for is basic routing though, it might be
>>>>>> worthwhile just getting a Vyatta appliance.
>>> Aren't both Imagestream and Vyatta routers built atop a Linux platform?
>> So is Juniper a BSD base (if I recall correct). The difference is the
>> selection of hardware and added routing hardware.
>> The issue is, that those additions, that Juniper, Imagestream and Vyatta
>> add, are not available on the standard platform, so it can't be quite
>> compared.
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>> Martin List-Petersen
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