Gigabit Linux Routers

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Thu Dec 18 18:13:07 UTC 2008

Dear Joe,

> Several different traffic shaping strategies are available, and I think
> all of them go far beyond "simple".

ipfw 100 add pipe 1 all from to any xmit vlan1
ipfw pipe 1 config bw 95Mbit/s queue 200Kbytes

thats simple.

>> cons: only 1 route for each network, vrrp failover is not easy to
>>  	implement with quagga and ospf, no multipath routing
> carp seems easy to implement, even with quagga and ospf.  At least, it's
> set up on a lab setup here and everything appears to work as expected.

example setup:

\            /
  \          /
   \        /
    \      /
     \    /

A and B share 1 virtual ip for lan1 (
*) only 1 ip-net supported (no aliases)
*) carp is i bound, carp-dev line openbsd is in development
 	(not shure if already stable)
*) if carp switch over:
 	t=0: A is master, has route
 	     B has route via ospf
 	t=1: A goes down, route disappear (need linkstate in ospf)
 	t=2: B carp takes over
 		B can not add route as it is still
 		known via ospf
 	t=3: B gets update to remove route via ospf
 	t=4: route has disappeared, failover broken.

with ucarp, some special scripts and source code changed I was able
to handle this situation, but not with carp and ospf (at least at
freebsd 6.3)

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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