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> > only one who has thought about this. Maybe NAP's and NSP's can
> > place contact information somewhere for those with a specific
> > need to contact those with direct knowledge.
> I think it's a lovely idea, I just wonder how long such a system would
> last before people really start taking advantage of it, i.e. I have a
> really low priority, non-important issue I need resolved, let me get in
> touch with the MOST clueful person I can to get a really quick
> resolution...

I thought I had made it clear about the cons. Obviously the con would
be someone contacting say Global or Level3 or someone else with: "OMFG
like... Some virus!", the cost of doing business. That doesn't stop
them NOW from Googling "security" +"Global", they're not doing an nslookup
for contact information. I would like to believe that the majority of
people doing nslookup's for contact information usually have a higher
grasp of what they're looking for. Ask any "Average Joe" to perform an
nslookup and compare those results to deer on the highways looking at
those high-beams.

You can't expect someone with a less than mission critical reason to
contact someone in a higher position, there is no guarantee someone
wouldn't be clueful enough to just Google "SOC" +"Global Crossing"


What I infer from you is "right... Buddy go ahead and do it... Then
the whole world will be screaming about not-so-important shtuff!"
If this is the case, what's to stop them from using Google. For the
most part, we can infer a large portion of users outside of those
with *some* form of networking concepts/experience, can use and know
what nslookup is for. Placing relevant information is not going to
"cripple SOC" no more than Google would.

J. Oquendo

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