No route to verizon

Sharlon R. Carty me at
Mon Dec 15 19:24:22 UTC 2008

Ok thanks everyone.
I'll be contacting Verizon. 

I do not believe the issue lies with the customer not paying their bills.

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On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Sharlon R. Carty wrote:

> This is my first post.
> Can anyone provide some info or Verizon why there is no connectivity to
> Verizon CA(Verizon Business UUNETCA8-A)?
> Can not reach the following net range: -

Your best bet might be to call Verizon directly, as a range this small is 
not likely to be seen in the global routing table as a free-standing 
route.  I see from my transit providers, originated from 
AS701, which is what I'd expect to see.

Beyond that, your post doesn't contain enough information to do much more 


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