Net Mgmt Tools and supporting OS

Scott Berkman scott.berkman at
Tue Dec 9 23:38:28 UTC 2008

I'd recommend ZenOSS ( based on your low cost
requirement and my own experiences.

What Linux distro you use and rather you need to pay for support depends
on your level of *nix experience and comfort.  Most Linux based software
packages like ZenOSS or Groundwork will also tell you what some of their
"favorite" distros are based on how they distribute the software and what
guides they have if they don't just come right out and say it.

	Good Luck,


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Subject: Net Mgmt Tools and supporting OS

I am fairly new user of nanog mail list so I am not sure if the question
below is appropriate for this list.  If not, please excuse it.
- I am building a new low-budget customer WAN/LAN network and need some
ideas for network management tools.  I've seen couple of email threads
regarding all sort of "net goodies".  However, since I haven't used them
all, I am not sure which OS would be the most appropriate for these aps?
 Can anyone share their ideas in regards  of apps and supporting
 I would be most comfortable with free distribution of linux, but I am not
sure which distro supports most of the tools?  Is the paid OS required for
all these tools, like RedHat Server or SuSe or Windows platforms?

Thanks much,


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