Invalid contact for / OrgName: JAM

Chris Stebner chris.stebner at
Wed Aug 27 13:37:02 CDT 2008

Anyone with leads on contact info for them?

The POC for the ORG: JAM, WM110-ARIN 
</whois/?queryinput=P%20%21%20WM110-ARIN>, has an invalid phone number 
(goes to general delivery ATT handler) the email seems to go nowhere as 

Its listed as:

Name: Manning, Bill
Handle: WM110-ARIN </whois/?queryinput=WM110-ARIN>
Company: Address: PO 12317
City: Marina del Rey
 StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 90295
Country: US
RegDate: Updated: 2001-12-17
Phone: +1-310-322-8102 (Office)
Email: bmanning at

Seems to me its a rather large allocation (/15  & /16) not to have 
contact info for?

A customer of mine purchased a block from them some time back and I 
still need them(JAM) to get rDNS setup.

Any help is much appreciated.



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