was bogon filters, now "Brief Segue on 1918"

Patrick Darden darden at armc.org
Thu Aug 7 14:55:13 CDT 2008

Hi Jay,

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> You really think Michael is malicious in his intent?
> You've spent a whole lot of time paying now attention around here,
> haven't you?

I think Michael tends to get confrontational.  As, apparently, do you.  
I'm on a lot of the same lists Michael is on.  Have been since 1997.  I 
have a lot of respect for him, with reservations gathered from 
experience.  He is sharp, and he has a sharp tongue.

> No, cute soundbites don't make you an expert.
> But in this case, Dillon's right, and you're wrong: your attempt to
> trivialize the specific issue on point (allocation within the 1918
> space internal to a company network) by implying that the only reasons
> to do it the way he suggests amount to "leaving space for soda
> machines" only proves in public that you don't know what you're talking
> about.
No, you are wrong.  Your attempt to trivialize what I have to say by 
calling it cute only proves that you don't know what you are talking 
about.  Bad logic, isn't it?  Statement that you are wrong, then 
"proving it" with nonsense addressing someone's character without 
addressing the point....

Your mislabelling my tongue-in-cheek ongoing obsession with soda 
machines as Trivializing only proves you have no sense of humor.  I 
remember when some kids at MIT first put their dorm's soda machine on 
the internet.  Man that was cool.  You could ping it and find out how 
many cokes were left, and their temperature....

> As randy would put it, I encourage my competitors to hire you to
> architect their WANs.

Thank you.  Your bile does you credit.

--Patrick Darden

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