Problems sending mail from .mumble

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Tue Apr 15 17:34:29 UTC 2008

This wouldn't be a problem if people would use, and applications would
enforce the use of, proper URL's instead of domain names for web
destinations.  The proper URL for a file is file://... IIRC.  For a web page
it is http://...  I understand people are lazy, including me, but the web
browsers can pre-type in http:// whenever you click on the address bar to
make it easier.  For CLI-type applications, well, you're using a CLI so
you're supposedly smart enough to figure it out.

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> > FWIW I was able to find one application, the text browser 'links,'
> > which accepts either filename or hostnames as its commandline
> > argument.  From what I can tell its algorithm is something like
> > this:
> >
> >     - if tld/extension has two letters --> URL
> >     - if less than two letters --> File
> >     - if tld/extension is in list of known gTLDs --> URL
> >     - else --> File
> >
> The web browser "Lynx" does something very similar.  One addendum to
> the
> above logic is that if the DNS look-up fails, it tries to use the
> string
> as a local file path.
> Typo the FQDN in a URL to something that returns NXDOMAIN, and you get
> an
> error message to the effect that lynx 'couldn't access start *FILE*
> "foo'"
> (emphasis added.)

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