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Clickbank is one of the larger affiliate networks around, sort of like 
Commission Junction except they also handle payment processing and have 
a lower threshold for the kinds of products they'll take (basically, 
pretty well almost any product can get onto clickbank)

Then all of those products have legions of affiliates trying to move 
them because Clickbank merchants typically sell "information" type 
products with large affiliate payouts.

The iframe to clickbank is most likely impression and conversion 
tracking. I can't speak for bundleway.


Jon R. Kibler wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone have any info on either of these domains?
> I have seen several recent web sites that had an iframe
> that pointed to and "interesting" / hidden
> links to
> Haven't found much of use in a quick search of Google,
> except for a few claims of fraud against them. I suspect
> that they are some how related to affiliate programs?
> TIA for anything you may be able to tell me!
> Jon Kibler

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