Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Edward B. DREGER eddy+public+spam at
Thu Apr 10 18:41:36 UTC 2008


I've been tempted to implement sort of a "reverse blacklisting".  If an
(MX|provider) trips a 4xx threshold, have the local MTA s/4/5/ on emails
to the problem (MX|domain).  If it trips a 5xx threshold, including
"upgraded" 4xx responses, simply refuse delivery altogether at the local

"You don't like our email?  Fine.  You won't see it."

We've observed good success convincing people to switch away from
overly-draconian email providers... so a "reverse blacklist" might not
be as _Wolkenkuckucksheim_ as it seems.  Or, then again, it might. ;-)

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