Access to the IPv4 net for IPv6-only systems, was: Re: WG Action: Conclusion of IP Version 6 (ipv6)

Eliot Lear lear at
Sun Sep 30 05:41:14 UTC 2007

John Curran wrote:
> There are companies which would like to be connecting new
> customers with IPv6 as we approach IPv4 depletion and then
> handle translation for IPv4 site connectivity in their network
> i.e. customers connecting to "The Internet" via only IPv6
> with the expectation of reaching all Internet destinations
> (IPv4 and IPv6) without any hassles. 

In as much as this is the case there will be companies willing (or 
attempting) to sell something to those companies.  Good or bad has 
nothing to do with it, as past experience has shown, from both inside 
and outside the networking world.


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