Getting DSL at your datacenter for OOB

S. Ryan auser at
Thu Nov 8 15:23:52 UTC 2007

I don't understand why stand alone (naked) DSL is so hard to get in 
non-Qwest territory.  Qwest will provision one no questions asked or needed.

Alex Pilosov wroteth on 11/7/2007 11:15 PM:
> On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, David Ulevitch wrote:
>> We had a great experience doing this with at PAIX in Palo Alto
>> but have had no success at our other sites. ( isn't a national
>> DSL provider)
>> Has anyone found providers who can provision DSL circuits at: EQNX ASH,
>> the MMR at 111 8th, and the Westin in Seattle?  Speakeasy, after trying
>> valiantly, finally just gave up saying they just couldn't make it
>> happen.
> It's not rocket science. You order POTS line from the LEC. Then you order
> DSL from your favorite shared-line DSL provider on that POTS line. 
> Trying to get non-lineshared-dsl might be a challenge. 
> However, I recommend POTS + DSL, for additional OOB-ness, you can plug
> your DSL modem into the OOB ethernet and your analog modem into OOB serial
> network.
> fwiw, we are providing dsl to 111 8th MMR, the one running the free wifi
> there :)
> -alex [not posting as mlc anything]

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