Microsoft and Teredo

Nathan Ward nanog at
Wed May 30 22:44:10 UTC 2007

On 31/05/2007, at 5:40 AM, Sean Siler wrote:
> I understand some questions recently arose regarding Microsoft and  
> Teredo. I tried reading through the archives but it has more twists  
> that Pacific Coast Highway.
> Are there some specific requests/questions that I can help with?
Probably, yeah.

 From another post my Michael Dillon:

> Since we are all collectively playing catchup at this point, it  
> would be
> very useful for some clear guidance on who needs to deploy Teredo and
> 6to4 and where it needs to be deployed. Also, the benefits of  
> deployment
> versus the problems caused by not having it. Should this be in  
> every PoP
> or just somewhere on your network? Are there things that can be  
> measured
> to tell you whether or not lack of Teredo/6to4 is causing user  
> problems?

Maybe you can provide operational experience from running the Teredo  
servers and relays that Microsoft host? Do you host them just at  
Microsoft or do you also have some inside ISPs? Have you done any  
work to help/advise on deploying Teredo servers/relays in to ISPs?  
Any learnings from that that you can share? What about corporate  
That oughta get you started :-)

Nathan Ward

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