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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue May 29 20:19:56 UTC 2007

William F. Maton Sotomayor wrote:
> On Tue, 29 May 2007, Mohacsi Janos wrote:
>>> f-root does this on the IPv6 side:  2001:500::/48
>>> Whether that's available everywhere on IPv6 networks, is as Bill
>>> pointed-out, another question.
>> Have a look at it:
>> http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/lg/?when=now&year=2007&month=05&day=29&hour=18&show=allpaths&format=html&report_grhwork=on&report_grhfail=on&report_nongrh=on&findtype=prefix&find=2001%3A500%3A%3A%2F48
> Ironically, AS25689 (that's me) does peer with the local f-root via
> IPv6, but SIXXS claims I don't see it. :-)

It doesn't claim any such thing. The "ASNs that do have the prefix"
are the ASNs that are found in the paths for the prefix, as such we
can deduce that these ASNs see that prefix, otherwise they would not
carry them.

Then there is a list of GRH participants, these are sites we know that
exist and should have it.

Thirdly there is a list of ASNs that we see somewhere in the BGP tree.
These latter ones are guessed to not have it as they don't provide a
feed, we don't know for sure, they might and they might not. Sign up
and provide a feed and you will know.

Note that this all stated below the headers too ;)


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