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Donald Stahl don at calis.blacksun.org
Tue May 29 19:36:44 UTC 2007

>>> Don't give people an excuse to deagg their /32
>> RIPE may only give out /32's but ARIN gives out /48's so there wouldn't be
>> any deaggregation in that case.
> That's not what I said. If /48 are accepted by * then people with
> a /32 or whatever will deagg to /48.
I understand now that you were referring strictly to filter limits- I 
misinterpreted you original post. My apologies.

Obviously you don't need to accept /48's from anywhere- you can restrict 
it to the PI pool- then /32's don't deaggregate but networks approved by 
ARIN or RIPE or whomever still work.

> You get one shot at fixed prefix size filters, miss and you'll pay
> forever. Which is more scarce, /32's or routing table entries.
If we start giving out /32's to work around filters I'm not sure that 
solves any problems :) And if no one is going to honor a /48 then why 
bother to give them out?


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