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Brandon Butterworth brandon at rd.bbc.co.uk
Tue May 29 17:14:51 UTC 2007

> >> I understand the problems but I think there are clear cut cases where
> >> /48's make sense- a large scale anycast DNS provider would seem to be a
> >> good candidate for a /48 and I would hope it would get routed. Then again
> >> that might be the only sensible reason...
> >
> > Don't give people an excuse to deagg their /32
> RIPE may only give out /32's but ARIN gives out /48's so there wouldn't be 
> any deaggregation in that case.

That's not what I said. If /48 are accepted by * then people with
a /32 or whatever will deagg to /48.

How much and why they deagg will vary but *hand waving argument* it'll
be a lot more pressure on routing table size than people doing PI

You get one shot at fixed prefix size filters, miss and you'll pay
forever. Which is more scarce, /32's or routing table entries.


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