SaidCom disconnected by Level 3 (former Telcove property)

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Sat Mar 17 00:17:26 UTC 2007

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On Mar 16, 2007, at 6:59 PM, Mike Hammett wrote:

> Some locations are just too cost prohibitive to multihome, but that  
> really
> is a select few.

It isn't just cost but can be path diversity (or lack thereof).  We  
used to be headquartered 210 miles from civilization.  We had a  
choice of providers and could have "multihomed".   However, the only  
realistic way for any of those providers to get to us would have been  
Bell frame relay.  Since by far the most likely point of failure was  
the "last mile" (which was 210 miles), we made a decision that  
actually multihoming wasn't a good use of resources.  We instead went  
with a good quality regional provider who was themselves multihomed.   
Now clearly there were cases where that wouldn't have any good but  
given the remoteness it just seems most likely that anything that  
took out one provider would have taken the other one as well.

Now this case we are discussing is probably the exception to our  
assumptions but we had a much better provider at the time than  
Level3 ;-]

 From the sounds of the original post I wouldn't be too surprised if  
it was also fairly remote.


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