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Wed Mar 14 17:38:43 UTC 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 10:50:19AM -0500, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
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> >perhaps not.  but there is a real issue w/ the number
> >of businesses that operate from the home (according to
> >some numbers this is as high as 65% of all US business)
> >and the telcos still retain a mindset of business areas
> >and residential areas.  It is not possible to get some
> >"business services" deployed in a "residential" area.
> ...
> >persuading a telco, one home-based business at a time,
> >that regardless of the zoning - there are really 65% of
> >those apartments running businesses and want business-class
> >services is an exercise in futility.
> It depends what "business" services you mean.  If you want a T1 or SONET 
> pipe, yeah, you're going to hit a serious wall even if the fiber runs 
> through your property.
> However, most telcos have "business" DSL and "residential" DSL, and the 
> physical layer is the same (ditto for cable, all the way back to @Home vs 
> @Work).  The only differences are the AUP, the price tag, and the ability 
> to get static IPs.  Expect to pay 2-3x for the same bit rate; higher 
> bitrates may be available with "business" service, but the upload rates 
> still suck because their gear is designed for consumers.  Sticking with 
> "residential" service for your home office will pay for basic server colo 
> space somewhere else, and you'll get more for your money.
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	dark/dim glass - don't want SONET, too expensive.  want
	1g - 10G to the meet-me.  I should move to Stockholm, Tokyo,
	Seoul, or some other enlightened place that sees that type 
	of service in a viable business model.  No bundling please.


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