Ethernet won (was: RE: [funsec] Not so fast, broadband...)

Christian Kuhtz christian at
Wed Mar 14 05:34:01 UTC 2007

On Mar 13, 2007, at 11:20 PM, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, andrew2 at wrote:
>> Sure, as long as you're willing to fork over the cash for CPE  
>> capable of
>> handling OC-XX linecards.  The service cost is hardly the only cost
>> associated with buying that kind of bandwidth.  It's amusing to me  
>> that
>> we're worrying about FTTH when some of the largest carriers are  
>> still not
>> capable of delivering ethernet handoffs in some of those same top  
>> 30 cities.
>> Don't we need to get there first before we start wiring everyone's  
>> home with
>> fiber and a small router with an SFP?
> Bell Atlantic had ethernet access since the early 1990's, along  
> with FDDI, SMDS, ATM, etc, etc, etc and whatever else various

NMLI (native mode LAN interconnect or today it'd be called metro e)  
has actually been available by a variety of LECs around the same time  

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