Comcast contact for the East Coast

Andrew.Parris at Andrew.Parris at
Sat Mar 3 02:38:03 UTC 2007

> Could someone from Comcast please contact us  
> (netops at
> Customers behind Comcast on the east coast cannot get to our
> prefix in Santa Barbara, CA. Comcast's peering with Cox
> on may be to blame.

COX has created ticket HD0000015981407 for this issue.

A show route shows us that traffic destined for target IP
is going from ASHBBBRJ02 to ASHBBBRJ01, and then directly to the Equinix
Public Peering Switch in Ashburn, and then stopping.

I will be contacting Equinix shortly to continue troubleshooting.

-J. Andrew Parris
NOC Engineer
Data Network Operations Center
Cox Communications (AS 22773)
1-888-326-9266, Opt. 1
<mailto:andrew.parris at>
AIM:  coxnocandpa

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