Colocation in the US.

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Obviously convection is the best way, and I've gotten away with it a few times myself, but the usual answer to your "why not" question is "Fire codes."  Convection drives the intensity and spread of fires.   Which is what furnace chimneys are for.  Thus all the controls on plenum spaces.  But when you can get away with it, it's great. 


Please excuse the brevity of this message; I typed it on my pager. I could be more loquacious, but then I'd crash my car.    

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> How long before we rediscover the smokestack? After all, a colo is an
> industrial facility.  A cellar beneath, a tall stack on top, and let physics
> do the rest.

odd that you should say that.  when building out in a warehouse with 28 foot
ceilings, i've just spec'd raised floor (which i usually hate, but it's safe
if you screw all the tiles down) with horizontal cold air input, and return
air to be taken from the ceiling level.  i agree that it would be lovely to
just vent the hot air straight out and pull all new air rather than just 
make up air from some kind of ground-level outside source... but then i'd
have to run the dehumidifier on a 100% duty cycle.  so it's 20% make up air
like usual.  but i agree, use the physics.  convected air can gather speed,
and i'd rather pull it down than suck it up.  woefully do i recall the times
i've built out under t-bar.  hot aisles, cold aisles.  gack.

> Anyway, "RJ45 for Water" is a cracking idea.  I wouldn't be surprised if
> there aren't already standardised pipe connectors in use elsewhere - perhaps
> the folks on NAWOG (North American Water Operators Group) could help?  Or
> alt.plumbers.pipe? But seriously folks, if the plumbers don't have that,
> then other people who use a lot of flexible pipework might.  Medical,
> automotive, or aerospace come to mind.

the wonderful thing about standards is, there are so many to choose from.
knuerr didn't invent the fittings they're using, but, i'll betcha they aren't
the same as the fittings used by any of their competitors.  not yet anyway.

> All I can think of about that link is a voice saying "Genius - or Madman?"

this thread was off topic until you said that.

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