Colocation in the US.

Alexander Harrowell a.harrowell at
Thu Jan 25 15:13:09 UTC 2007

On 1/25/07, Paul Vixie <paul at> wrote:
> > How long before we rediscover the smokestack? After all, a colo is an
> > industrial facility.  A cellar beneath, a tall stack on top, and let physics
> > do the rest.
> odd that you should say that.  when building out in a warehouse with 28 foot
> ceilings, i've just spec'd raised floor (which i usually hate, but it's safe
> if you screw all the tiles down) with horizontal cold air input, and return
> air to be taken from the ceiling level.  i agree that it would be lovely to
> just vent the hot air straight out and pull all new air rather than just
> make up air from some kind of ground-level outside source... but then i'd
> have to run the dehumidifier on a 100% duty cycle.  so it's 20% make up air
> like usual.  but i agree, use the physics.  convected air can gather speed,
> and i'd rather pull it down than suck it up.  woefully do i recall the times
> i've built out under t-bar.  hot aisles, cold aisles.  gack.
Seriously - all those big old mills that got turned into posh
apartments for the CEO's son. Eight floors of data centre and a 200
foot high stack, and usually an undercroft as the cold-source. And
usually loads of conduit everywhere for the cat5 and power. (In the UK
a lot of them are next to a canal, but I doubt greens would let you
get away with dumping hot water.)

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