Dell PowerConnect 3324

Joe Abley jabley at
Thu Jan 25 13:53:36 UTC 2007

I'm looking at a somewhat convoluted switched gigE path between an  
M7i and an ERX, both of which I am expecting to be able to fill a  
gigabit ethernet interface, but in practice the throughput is maxing  
out at around half a gig of internet-sized packets in each direction.

(This is nothing to do with Afilias; it's a friend's network.)

The bottleneck in the path (based on choosing the switch with the  
lowest model number, on the principle that bigger model numbers means  
mroe fastar1!1) is probably a Dell PowerConnect 3324 with one SX SFP,  
one LX SFP and all the 100M ports pretty much idle. There are no  
increasing error counters on transmit or receive on any of the  
devices in the path.

Is it reasonable to expect a Dell 3324 to be able to switch more than  
~500M of internet-sized packets?

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