Dell PowerConnect 3324

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Thu Jan 25 14:37:07 UTC 2007


> The bottleneck in the path (based on choosing the switch with the lowest 
> model number, on the principle that bigger model numbers means mroe 
> fastar1!1) is probably a Dell PowerConnect 3324 with one SX SFP, one LX SFP 
> and all the 100M ports pretty much idle. There are no increasing error 
> counters on transmit or receive on any of the devices in the path.
> Is it reasonable to expect a Dell 3324 to be able to switch more than ~500M 
> of internet-sized packets?


Packets: 6.5Mps
Capacity: 8.8Gps

smallest ethernet packet size: 64byte
(1GB * 1024*1024*1024/ 8) / 64 = 2097152 = 2Mps

So, it should ne enough vor wirespeed.


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