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> I hear you on the double, triple nat nightmare, I'm there 
> myself.  I'm 
> working on rolling out VRFs to solve that problem, still 
> testing.  The 
> nat complexities and bugs (nat translations losing their mind and 
> killing connectivity for important apps) are just too much 
> for some of 
> our customers, users, etc to deal with.  Some days it kills 
> me that v6 
> is still not really viable, I keep asking providers where they're at 
> with it.  Their most common complaint is that the operating systems 
> don't support it yet.  They mention primarily Windows since 
> that is what 
> is most implemented, not in the colo world but what the users 
> have.  I 
> suggested they offer a service that somehow translates (heh, shifting 
> the pain to them) v4 to v6 for their customers to move it along.

Windows XP SP2 has IPv6.  It isn't enabled by default, but it's not
difficult to do.

Apparently Vista does do IPv6 by default out of the box, but I don't
have a Vista system to play with yet to confirm this.

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