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Joe Abley jabley at
Wed Jan 24 15:44:48 UTC 2007

On 24-Jan-2007, at 10:01, Jamie Bowden wrote:

>> Some days it kills
>> me that v6
>> is still not really viable, I keep asking providers where they're at
>> with it.  Their most common complaint is that the operating systems
>> don't support it yet.  They mention primarily Windows since
>> that is what
>> is most implemented, not in the colo world but what the users
>> have.
> Windows XP SP2 has IPv6.  It isn't enabled by default, but it's not
> difficult to do.
> Apparently Vista does do IPv6 by default out of the box, but I don't
> have a Vista system to play with yet to confirm this.

I might argue that, legacy systems and hardware aside, the main  
reason that v6 might be considered non-viable these days is the lack  
of customers willing to pay for it.

I don't think the viability of v6 has been blocking on operating  
systems or router hardware for quite some time, now. It's still a  
problem for many operational support systems, but arguably that would  
change rapidly if there was some prospect of revenue.


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