Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

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Dear Gian,
from my perspecitve (central europe) it looks like the linear programming is used only in TV/radio channels. But this is only a part of the media industry. Cinema, DVD and other forms of content distribution aren't linear. I don't like to waste Internet capacity with URLs to large VoD community servers.

I don't have enough speaking power to write any strict statements, but I think the world of media industry will use every existing channel of revenue. The question isn't if, but when. Some people prefer having their "eleven button remote", but some want to consume content they had chosen at time they had chosen. May be I'm wrong but I don't know anybody from teen generation who likes to be TV channel driven (may be I'm in a bad country :-)).


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  I am pretty sure we are not becoming a VoD world. Linear programming is much better for advertisers. I do not think content providers, nor consumers, would prefer a VoD only service. A handful of consumers would love it, but many would not.

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  On Jan 12, 2007, at 10:05 AM, Frank Bulk wrote:

    If we're becoming a VOD world, does multicast play any practical role in
    video distribution?


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    Hi Marshall,

      - the largest channel has 1.8% of the audience
      - 50% of the audience is in the largest 2700 channels
      - the least watched channel has ~ 10 simultaneous viewers
      - the multicast bandwidth usage would be 3% of the unicast.

    I'm a bit skeptic for future of channels. For making money from the long 
    tail, you have to have to adapt your distribution to user's needs. It is not

    only format, codec ... but also time frame. You can organise your programs 
    in channels, but they will not run simultaneously for all the users. I want 
    to control my TV, I don't want to my TV jockey my life.

    For the distribution, you as content owner have to help the ISP find the 
    right way to distribute your content. In example: having distribution center

    in Tier1 ISP network will make money from Tier2 ISP connected directly to 
    Tier1. Probably, having CDN (your own or pay for service) will be the only 
    one way for large scale non synchronous programing.


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