European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

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> > > For a list of ISP's doing IPv6 check:
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> > Does PPPv6 still work on the T-DSL platform? 8-/
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> > The list would be more convincing if it contained links to product
> > pages.
> 	You likely want to look at this page:
> 	This is the page that has those that are doing native
> that are reasonably major service providers.

Note that sixxs only deals with commercial providers. Many (most?) of
the major research and education networks around the globe have done
IPv6 in production for years. That includes ESnet, DREN, NREN and
Internet2 in the US, CAnet in Canada, Geant/Dante in Europe and a number
of national networks in Asia.

At least ESnet has offered IPv6 as a production service for several
years including DNS service. If you check the headers, you should see
that this message started out via IPv6 and, if your mail host is IPv6
reachable, took IPv6 for the entire path.

That said, while we provide IPv6 services, we see minimal traffic and
have found that IPv6 is, at best, poorly supported by most vendors
(excluding host OS vendors). Most hosts support IPv6 fairly well, but
switching and routing equipment lacks many features for IPv6 that are
present for IPv4 and system management and security products tend to be
even worse. E.g. try SNMP access to your routers by IPv6 and you might find a
few problems, depending on the vendor...and don't expect much help from
the vendor.

If you see IPv6 as a solution to the exhaustion of IPv4 space, take a
look at It may help at some
point, but many of us see no clear way to get from here to there without
massive growth in both the RIB and the FIB in the process.
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